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The Truli-Mi 3.5mm Wetsuit - Pot of Gold Yellow

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The Truli-Mi 3.5mm Wetsuit - Pot of Gold Yellow

  • $249.00


  • Applicable only on Truli-Mi & Truli-Capri styles
  • Mix & Match colours and sizes 
  • Final Sale - No exchanges or returns
  • Limited sizes available
  • Email with height, weight, bra size, and dress size to confirm size before order
  • Sale is ongoing until original inventory is cleared out to be replaced with the same styles, but in the new eco-friendlier materials like the Truli-Hapi and Truli-Ful the Beautiful and in 21 sizes 

Only you know where to find this ravishing Pot of Gold - snug against your body in a Truli-Mi wetsuit while you scuba dive, kiteboard, swim, and play in the water!

What Size Am I?

The Truli-Mi signature design is a sleeveless 3.5mm shorty that is lined with fleece to keep your core warm, while allowing unlimited freedom of movement.   The super stretchy ultraspan neoprene, which is made from natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber produced using petroleum, goes on beautifully over all body shapes and sizes. There is no velcro on the suit to catch hair or scratch skin and no long zipper pulls that can wrap around things and get in the way. Instead the Truli-Mi wetsuit design utilizes a sexy hidden front zip with a slight v-neck which allows for easy on and easy off. And the outside front chest and back area are lined with a shiny layer of smoothness to further maintain warmth outside of the water as well as offer a sleek and stunning silhouette.  Truli Wetsuits are blindstitched for a secure and waterproof seal.

The Truli Wetsuits sizing system recognizes that our bodies are not straight cookie cutter shapes.  What we need is the flexibility to move between sizes until we find that perfect fit for OUR body.  Feeling a little tug in the thigh area or pressure on your chest? No problem - Move up a size for a slightly larger fit without it becoming too loose anywhere else.

With just millimetres of difference between sizes, Truli Wetsuits allows you to move up or down a size to accommodate for boobs, bums, and bellies without worrying about it being too loose or tight anywhere else.  Learn more about how we came up with the inspiring size names in the You Inspire Me! blog and review the Truli-Size-Mi system to figure out which category works best for you.

NOTE:  The original Truli-Mi and Truli-Capri designs have limited sizes at this time.  Sign-up for the E-Letter at the bottom of this page to be notified when more sizes are available.

Model Size ~ Leader

Interested in other colours for the sleeveless shorty, long-sleeve shorty or full coverage 5.5mm ?  

The Truli-Mi

Into the Blue blue

Pot of Gold yellow

Pashy Passion pink

Fireball orange

The Truli-Capri

Harmony green, pink, blue

The Truli-Hapi

Queen Angel blue

The Truli-Ful the Beautiful

Polka Dots & Turquoise

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