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Pre-Order:  Truli-Ful the Beautiful 🦈

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Pre-Order: Truli-Ful the Beautiful 🦈

  • $350.00

Contribute to the crowdfunding campaign by pre-ordering a Truli-Ful the Beautiful 5.5mm wetsuit between November 6 - 30, 2020.  Your wetsuit will be produced and ready for shipment to you around July 2021.  Read the crowdfunding campaign for updates and FAQs.

Once you make your order (simply select any size), you will be contacted to collect your sizing information (height, weight, bra size, general dress size, bust, waist, hip measurements).  This will be used to select the correct amount of sizes in the inventory purchase.  Prior to shipping, your measurements will be collected again and your size reconfirmed.

Savings of $199.00 (MSRP $549.00)


A Truli-Ful the Beautiful in almost black and polkadot 5.5mm fleece-lined full coverage wetsuit.  This design won the ScubaLab Tester's Choice Award for women's wetsuits by Scuba Diving Magazine in 2019.  

Even the most hesitant for polkadots fall in love with this beautiful wetsuit.  This is the warmest wetsuit available and can easily be layered with other Truli designs for added warmth for colder locations for swimmers, paddlers, scuba divers, and other water dwellers!

1% of this sale is donated to Sharks4Kids

Model Nina Size:  Trailblazer

PURCHASE NOW AND RECEIVE IN JUNE 2021.  Stay up-to-date on the Crowdfunding Campaign here.