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Try-a-Truli Calendar

Truli Wetsuits is working to make it easier for you to find your perfect size.  By partnering with local dive shops and retailers, Truli Wetsuits is putting all of the sizes, including plus size wetsuits and long torso wetsuits, in your community for you to TRY before you buy.  Attend a Truli Wetsuits Pop-up Fitting Party or head over to a Designated Fitting Site, be fitted, order your wetsuit from the shop and receive the wetsuit by mail. 

NOTE:  Shops/Pop-ups/Shows do not carry inventory of wetsuits and cannot sell their sizing sets.  Shipping takes approximately 7-10 days (often faster), so plan ahead if you are shopping for a trip!  When you purchase at an event or Designated Fitting Site - Shipping is included!

The best way to find your perfect size, is to Try-a-Truli in person with the guidance from staff who know Truli Wetsuits and adhere to the Truli standards of service and professionalism.

Check-out the calendar to find out where the next Pop-up Fitting Party or trade show will be.  But, also be sure to look and see who is a full-time Designated Fitting Site.  DFS are local dive shops and retailers I am partnering with who ALWAYS have every size in their shop on hand for trying. There is no need to wait for an event if you have a Designated Fitting Site nearby; just head on over for your fitting! 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to have Truli at your shop for either a Pop-up Fitting Party or to become a full-time Designated Fitting Site.  

Truli Wetsuits Event Calendar!

Pink = Designated Fitting Site status
Green = Local Pop-up Fitting party event!
Blue = Trade Show
**All events are TRY, BUY, and receive by SHIPMENT; No inventory is kept on-hand**

NOTE:  All Truli POP-up Fitting Parties have been postponed temporarily as a precaution and effort to help contain COVID-19 with physical and social distancing.  We're still available for fittings online and by phone as per usual!