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Truli Girls in The Dominican Republic

Suami Cavallo (Cabarete, DR)


Suami Cavallo is a force not to be reckoned with!  At the young age of 14 years old, this young woman is already competing in worldwide kiteboarding competitions in the junior category with DaSilva Kiteboarding as her key sponsor as well as Bianca Bikinis, Blossom Retreat and now Truli Wetsuits.  Suami contacted me via Instagram and I was immediately impressed with Suami's commitment to her sport of kiteboarding and level of professionalism at such a young age.  When I started to check out Suami's website and learned more about her, I also was drawn to her absolute zest for life, happiness, and healthy living.  Her mantra is to "Never give up", which is a good one in the sport of kiteboarding where dedication is key to perfecting new and difficult tricks.  Suami always appreciates every moment especially that feeling of fresh water hitting her skin and the smell of the sea as she kiteboards in the endless ocean!  She feels grateful by the support she has received and is looking forward to making her dreams come true!  And so is Truli!  We can't wait to see what's in store for this up and comer! Suami is wearing a size Small in Into the Blue blue.

 Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Suami Cavallo by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @SuamiCavallo


Bianca Forzano (Cabarete, DR/Italy)


Bianca Forzano and I came to meet via a very cool non-profit organization called Kiteboarding for Girlswhich has now re-branded to The Women's Kiteboarding Collective. I was working as the administrative assistant for the founder and world champion kiteboarder, Kristin Boese, and I was responsible for setting up KB4girls ambassadors with their chapters around the world. Bianca is the KB4girls ambassador for Italy, an incredible kiteboarder and instructor, and on top of all of this, she has developed a beautiful line of high performance bikinis for active water women called Bianca Bikinis! Bianca and I thought it would be a perfect match for us to showcase the Truli Wetsuits while wearing her Bianca Bikinis on the windiest of days at the off-the-beaten-path, flatwater kiteboarding spot, La Boca, The Dominican Republic. Bianca loved the front zip on the Truli Wetsuit and chose to leave it half unzipped for a sexy and comfortable look while she showcased her kiteboarding skills in the lagoon.  Bianca is wearing a size Small in Pot of Gold Yellow.


Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Bianca Forzano by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @BiancaForzano / @BiancaBikinis


Laurel Eastman (Cabarete, DR/USA)


Laurel Eastman opened her famous kiteboarding school LEK - Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding, back in 2004 when Cabarete Beach was a dusty, undeveloped Caribbean town in The Dominican Republic.  Still going strong and proud today, the LEK school sets the bar in the community with a high standard of service.  In 2011, I decided to leave my scuba diving job at a retail store in Sosua to work for myself and freelance as a scuba dive instructor. To supplement my income I picked up a job at the LEK school and that is where my friendship with Laurel began!  We both had strong business visions and solid work ethics balanced by a strong desire for fun!  We worked well together and I brought my background in non-profit management to Laurel's philanthropic mission to give back to the Dominican communities through her Kiters 4 Communities non-profit.  These days, Laurel is living life to its fullest while managing The Women's Kiteboarding Collective and is simply crazy for her foil board.  I wanted to capture her excitement for this niche in the kiteboarding world while she wore her Truli Wetsuit in front of her LEK school.  Laurel is as Truli a water woman as you are going to get and her energy and enthusiasm is so contagious you just might find yourself aspiring, planning, and achieving things after a quick chat with her on the beach!  Make sure you drop by her welcoming LEK school on your next visit to Cabarete, The Dominican Republic!  Laurel is wearing a size Large in Fireball Orange.


Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl Laurel Eastman by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @LaurelEastman / @LEKCabarete