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Truli Girls in The Bahamas

Pia Oyarzun (Nassau/Chile)

Scuba Diver

For anyone who has ever dived underneath the surface of the ocean with a camera in hand, you will understand the insane challenges that come along with underwater photography.  Pia Oyarzun has possibly one of the coolest jobs on the planet - she is a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and an accomplished underwater photographer/videographer at Stuart Cove's Dive in The Bahamas.   Every day she takes photos of sharks and the tourists who come to The Bahamas to have this unique experience.  Being underwater is where Pia feels she is Truli in her element; it's her second home and where her creative juices flow as she works with underwater models and environments to create inspiring scenarios using the unique effects of water and light.  Her underwater photography, often with Truli Girl Hayley-Jo Carr, can be found through her online portfolio - Made In Water.  I can identify a lot with Pia's motto for life which is to take the risk for something you believe in because life is too short and we should live it to the maximum.  Prior to living her amazing mermaid life, Pia was a professional journalist in Chile, but she wasn't happy working 8 hours/day in an office.  Her current life as a scuba diver and underwater photographer/videographer is a job that fills her heart.  Her most favorite place to dive on the planet besides The Bahamas has been on the island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, a sanctuary for marine life and where she learned underwater photography.  Today, Pia has an impressive list of contributions in photo and video to the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, various movies and TV shows, advertisements, and publications such as Cosmopolitan, How you Spend it, The Times and others in different countries.  She is also taking her passion for running and using that as an avenue to raise awareness for shark conservation.  If you can, we'd love for you to support Pia in her goal this year is to complete the Chicago Marathon and in her fundraising efforts for Project AWARE:  Support Pia as she Runs for Sharks!  So excited to have the talented Pia represent for Truli Wetsuits and look forward to seeing the amazing images she produces!  Pia is wearing the Truli-Mi in Pot of Gold Yellow in size S.

Truli Girl Pia Oyzarzun

Instagram:  @Piachichile @MadeInWater


Hayley-Jo Carr (Nassau/UK)

Scuba Diver

Hayley-Jo Carr is one of those people you look at and think, "Wow - that girl is Truli living the life!"  You may have seen the striking images of her as an underwater model in Truli Girl Pia Oyarzun Made In Water underwater photography, but Hayley-Jo is so much more than an underwater model.  Having grown up by the ocean and along the beaches of Cornwall, UK, she was taught from an early age that happiness is the most important thing in life.  After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports & Fitness, Hayley-Jo decided to travel the world and while doing so, learned to scuba dive.  She discovered how happy being in the ocean and surrounded by magnificent marine life made her.  Everything from the smallest Sea Horse to the largest Shark takes her breath away and all of the exploration and discovery that happens with every scuba dive is an inspiration.  Her all time favorite destination is Indonesia due to the diversity of marine life including some of the weirdest animals she's ever seen! Today with 6000+ scuba dives under her weight belt, Hayley-Jo has achieved the top professional level in a scuba diver's career - PADI Course Director and works as Head of Training at Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas. Not only does she introduce people to the amazing world of scuba diving, but she does the incredibly important job of training the next generation of environmentally conscious Scuba Dive Instructors who have a passion for marine life just like her.  Hayley-Jo specializes in marine conservation including - Shark Conservation, Divers Against Debris, Sea Turtle Awareness, and Coral Nursery Restoration; she is particularly proud (and we are too!) of her set-up and maintenance of a successful Coral Nursery growing Staghorn Corals and have created a whole new reef from her coral garden.  If you have ever considered working in the scuba diving industry, don't hesitate to connect with Hayley-Jo at Stuart Cove's Dive in The Bahamas!  We couldn't be more proud to have such a leader in the scuba diving world represent for Truli Wetsuits!  Hayley-Jo is wearing the Truli-Capri in size L.

Hayley-Jo Carr underwater model and Truli Girl wearing the Truli-Capri

Photography by:  Truli Girl Pia Oyarzun

Instagram:  @HayleyJoCarr @MadeInWater






Jillian Morris-Brake (Bimini/USA)

Free-diver, Scuba Diver

I have been following Jillian Morris-Brake's shark conservation efforts ever since I got involved in the dive industry and now feel so happy to have gotten to know her on a personal level after she approached Truli Wetsuits on Instagram with a goal to collaborate together.  As an absolute ocean lover growing up in Maine, USA for as long as she can remember, Jillian recalls the first time she saw a shark while snorkeling in Florida when she was only 8 years old!  She had gotten her first snorkel kit that same year and it opened up a new world and window to her future and life which has so fundamentally been defined by the presence of these majestic and widely feared species called sharks.   Educated as a Marine Biologist, Jillian's entire world revolves around marine life and sharks!  Her long list of impressive distinctions include being the Founder and President of the non-profit Sharks4Kids, a professional NAUI scuba diving instructor, talented free-diver, not to mention a widely recognized underwater videographer and photographer.   Her favourite pastimes of snorkeling and freediving allow her to explore and connect with the ocean in her current home on the island of South Bimini in The Bahamas, which remind her of the endless opportunities the ocean has to offer as well as the power and beauty of nature.   Jillian is no stranger to a busy whirlwind life, but she always takes the effort to step back to have peaceful moments through her yoga practice as well as to simply laugh, which is a beautiful lesson her Mom taught her.  Jillian's inspiration is a quote by Baba Dioum, Natural Resource Conservationist from Senegal:  "In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught."  With the launch of Jillian's new children's book, Norman the Nurse Shark, and all the other shark conservation efforts she makes, we know that she is making an impact on the future of these apex predators of the oceans in her Truli Wetsuit.  Jillian is Truli a perfect representative of what Truli Wetsuits aspires to!  Keep up the great work, Jillian!  Jillian is wearing a size Medium in Into the Blue blue.


Sexy women's wetsuit ambassador and Truli Girl, Jillian Morris-Brake by Truli Wetsuits

Instagram:  @BiminiSharkGirl