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Truli Community

Truli Ambassadors who proudly wear Truli Wetsuits for women are bold, charming, and adventurous by nature. They are in love with water and have decided to make the ocean, lake, or sea their playground. Truli Ambassadors challenge themselves by immersing themselves in new things and pushing their comfort zones beyond their limits.  Truli Ambassadors are intelligent and selective; they know what they need to pursue the water sports that they love.  Truli Ambassadors love life and choose to make water sports a part of it.  These women are scuba divers, kiteboarders, triathletes, ocean swimmers, snorkelers, and stand up paddlers.  Doesn't this sound like you?

Check-out our Truli Ambassadors from around the world!

The Dominican Republic

Turks & Caicos Islands

The Bahamas