Biodegradable Travel Kit - Sentinel Explorer

Biodegradable Travel Kit - Sentinel Explorer

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Eco-conscious products are often hard to find in remote and sensitive destinations. When traveling, we encourage you to bring these items with you. The Stream2Sea REEF SENTINEL kit is designed to help travellers protect the aquatic environment while also protecting their skin from damaging UV sunlight.

NOTE: Applying a mineral sunscreen is different from what you might be used to! Apply in sections and remember that a little goes a long way.

The REEF SENTINEL kit includes:

  • 1 oz SPF30 SPORT Sunscreen – $8.95 retail
  • 1 oz Tinted Sunscreen SPF 20 – $9.95 retail
  • 1 oz Sun & Sting Gel – $5.95 retail
  • 1 oz Leave In Conditioner- $5.95 retail
  • 1 oz Conditioning Shampoo and BodyWash – $5.95 retail
  • Tinted SPF30 SPORT Sunscreen Sample
  • EcoConscious Explorer Card
  • A biodegradable Ingredients to Avoid Card

Stream2Sea Sentinel Explorer Kit