Pre-Order a Truli Wetsuit at a Discount

Between Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2021 you can Pre-Order a Truli at a discount and receive your Truli late 2022.

Let me know you're ready to make your pre-order by filling in this form.  We will reply back with an invoice so you can make your payment and secure your Truli!

Pre-Order Request 

Since COVID, lead times have more than doubled and it now takes a year for new stock to arrive.  The next round of inventory will arrive in late 2022, so if you can wait for your Truli, you can purchase at a discount now! 

You will be sized and charged for shipping prior to receiving your new Truli next year.  

Note that these styles will be available, but they will be arriving in different colour combinations TBD!

After December 31st, you will be able to Reserve a Truli from the new stock at regular price if it is not currently available - There will not be anymore discounts.

If you would like a Truli from the current stock, click on Truli-Size-Mi, please with your measurements and our Truli Sizing Specialist will reply back with your size recommendations and availability.  When you're ready to purchase, we will send you an invoice and move forward with shipping!

Your Pre-Order is helping our small business build itself into an enterprise that will continue to make options available for women in the water activity industry - we are SO grateful for you and our community!  Thank-you for your business!

1% of this sale is donated to Sharks4Kids


Truli-Ful the Beautiful - REGULAR $549 > DISCOUNT $385 > SAVINGS $164

Truli-Capri - REGULAR $299 > DISCOUNT $210 > SAVINGS $89

Truli-Hapi - REGULAR $299 > DISCOUNT $210 > SAVINGS $89

Truli-Mi - REGULAR $249 > DISCOUNT $175 > SAVINGS $74


Canada/USA - $20

UK/Europe/Mexico - $90

Rest of the World - $100

All duties/custom fees are your responsibility and will be collected from you by the shipping company (usually UPS) when the wetsuit arrives in your country (not applicable to Canada/USA).


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