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Wetsuit Reviews & in the News — Girls That Scuba

Truli Wetsuits advertisement in Britain's SCUBA BSAC

Posted by Mia Toose on

SCUBA is the official magazine for Britain's biggest scuba diving club ~ BSAC.   Truli Wetsuits.  Advertisement.  SCUBA BSAC.  July 2017:  83.  

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Girls That Scuba features Truli Wetsuits for best women's scuba swimwear brand

Posted by Mia Toose on is a blog for all scuba-loving girls run by Sarah Richard of Truli Wetsuits.  "The best women's boutique scuba dive and swimwear brands."  Sarah Richard, April 16, 2017 Published.

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Press Release: Truli Wetsuits reveals its most colorful wetsuit yet on

Posted by Mia Toose on is a leading global digital media company and publication that informs, inspires and entertains scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts around the world.  Scuba Diver Life is redefining the diving industry by capturing and shaping digital media content with a fresh voice, new formats and cutting-edge videos to a uniquely dedicated audience of over 1 Million. Truli Wetsuits.  "Truli Wetsuits for women reveals its most colorful wetsuit yet."  Mia Toose, February 25, 2017 Published

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Truli Wetsuits for women on

Posted by Mia Toose on is an e-publication and social site for all things scuba.  Harriet Collins began Scuba-Girl from a vision of a girl who discovered scuba diving as the ultimate freedom and fun, and a way to spark everyone's inner adventurer.  Spreading pride for diver girls worldwide! Truli Wetsuits.  "Truli Wetsuits."  Mia Toose, February 6, 2017 Published.

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Truli Wetsuits is an Amazing Christmas Deal from!

Posted by Mia Toose on is the world's best online dive companion.  Truli Wetsuits.  "Amazing Christmas Deals."  December 7, 2016 Published.

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