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DeeperBlue: Truli Wetsuits Interview at DEMA 2019

Posted by Mia Toose on is the World's Largest Community dedicated to free-diving, scuba diving and spearfishing. They've been dedicated to bringing people the freshest news, features and discussions from around the underwater world since 1996. DeeperBlue.  "Truli Wetsuits Partners with Local Dive Shops by Implementing 'Designated Fitting Site.'"  Nola Schoder.  November 13, 2019.  Published.

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Customer & Retailer Reviews

Posted by Mia Toose on

Kelly McAdam & Michael Marcotte (Dive Shop Owners) Divers Den - Designated Fitting Site Tobermory, Canada At Divers Den, we have been fortunate to be selected as the first Truli Designated Fitting Center. As a business that supports and promotes females in the dive industry, it has been inspiring to work with Mia and Truli Wetsuits as a female-specific company. Having the Truli line of wetsuits on hand has allowed us to work closely with our female customers. Allowing us to find a wetsuit that makes them happy and to see how a wetsuit that fits can change how that woman experiences their water...

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