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Truli Wetsuits is experimenting with a new design - The Truli-Capri!

Posted by Mia Toose on

One of the most FUN things I have been doing is playing with the brand new prototype design called The Truli-Capri!  The two most common requests from women is for a wetsuit with a bit of a longer leg and one that doesn't have any black in it.  So, I kept the original design, lengthened the legs to just below the knee, and added lots of colour!  Although there is always a little controversy over using pink in women's sports wear, I also have had so many firsthand requests for any type of pink accents and that's just what I did.  You will absolutely love it!

At the moment we are in the testing phase and I have noticed some minor things that I would like to adjust.  

I'm working on having The Truli-Capri up and ready for sale this fall!

Here are a few sneak-peeks!

Sexy women's wetsuit.  Mia Toose testing the new Truli-Capri prototype by Truli Wetsuits


Sexy women's wetsuit.  The Truli-Capril by Truli Wetsuits

Let me know what you think!

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